Thursday, February 25, 2010

You saw it first in Anima Mundi (and chose it too)

Have you already sent the names of your three favorite films you want to watch again in Anima Mundi 18 Years programme? It's undestood that your participation really matters for us. You can see by the popular jury award that happens in Anima Mundi: the films you choose every year frequently succeeds in other festivals.
Here's some examples:

The third edition of Animasivo animation forum that takes place in Mexico will have a special programme of Brazilian animation films this year. The Anima Mundi was invited to present this session and selected these ones:

Josué e o pé de macaxeira, directed by Diogo Viegas (Best Brazilian Animation by the popular jury in Rio, 2009)

L.E.R.,directed by João Angelini (Best Brazilian Animation by the popular jury in São Paulo, 2009)

Tyger , directed by Guilherme Marcondes (2nd Best Brazilian Animation by the popular jury in São Paulo, 2006)

Ratos de rua, directed by Rafael de Paula Rodrigues (Travelling Anima Mundi Prize 2003)

Vida Maria, directed by Márcio Ramos (2nd Best Brazilian Animation by the popular jury in Rio, 2007)

O bloqueio
, directed by Claudio de Oliveira

, directed by Paulo Munhoz (Best Brazilian Animation by the popular jury SP/Rio, 2006)

Muragens - Crônicas de um muro, directed by Andrei Milhara Padilha Duarte

Qualquer nota
, directed by Marcelo Ribeiro Mourão (2nd Best Brazilian Animation by the popular jury in Rio, 2005)

Mexico's Animasivo also promotes many other activities: there's a mexican animation retrospective, an international award and special programmes. Like us in Anima Mundi, they also offer converses with animators and animation workshops in their agenda. You can learn more about Animasivo in

The portuguese animation festival Monstra will happen next month in Lisbon and will have an Anima Mundi special screening too. Besides Josué, Vida Maria, L.E.R, Qualquer Nota and Muragens, the Monstra selection includes:

Como surgiu a noite, directed by Andres Lieban (3rd Best Animation for Children by the popular jury in Rio, 2005)

Dossiê Rê Bordosa, directed by César Cabral (Best Brazilian Animation and Best Short Feature by the popular jury São Paulo/Rio, in 2008)

Papercut, de Pedro Eboli

The Monstra festival happens in a biennial basis and offers a great overview of what's new in animation. During the festival, children can also check the Monstrinha segment, with educational activities with the purpose to show the interdisciplinary features in animation. The official website is:

As you can see, these selections are made by films you awarded. Considering the quality of the jury's choice during Anima Mundi Festival, its possible to see how special the 18 Years screening is going to be.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vote now!

The special form for you to choose your three favorite films in Anima Mundi is now avaliable on the website. As we said before, the 18 most voted will be part of Anima Mundi 18 Years special programme in this year's festival. If possible, send us the complete information with Title, Author and Country of each film. But if you don’t remember everything, no problem: just send us the best description you can make of the film, and we will find a way to identify your choice. It's really important that you help us to choose! The form is avaliable for everyone who is logged on the Anima Mundi Community section until March 23rd. Among the participants, 18 will be awarded with special invitations to the festival, including, of course, tickets to the 18 Years Screening!

In case you need some help to remember all Anima Mundi editions, please check the Animemory section in the website. We are waiting for your vote!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up wins the Annie Award

The animated feature Up is really flying high. The movie was the winner for best animated feature at the 37th annual Annie Awards, and director Pete Docter also won the award for directing in a feature production. Coraline, another big favorite, featured in the last year's Anima Mundi, took the prizes for best soundtrack, best production design and best character design.

Te ceremony also gave honors to Tim Burton, Bruce Timm, from Batman - The Animated Series, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, cofounder of DreamWorks. They have received the Winsor McCay Awards for their career achievements in animation.

The Annie Awards is considered a preview for the Academy Awards animation categories, and just one year the Annie Winner didn't take the Oscar too. And this time Up also runs for the Best Picture in the Academy Awards!