Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anima Escola 2010

This blog may seem in a halt after our 18th festival edition in last July. But the truth is Anima Mundi team hasn't stopped a minute since then!... In addition to the preparation of our next edition(s), we have every year to deal with a big commitment with Education: our project ANIMA ESCOLA (Anima School).

In 2010 we started with a double challenge: besides the municipal schools in Rio de Janeiro, with elementary and middle schools, we are also present in the State of Rio network of public schools, dealing at this time with four high schools, introducing teachers and students to the animation language.

From August to December, there will be several workshops and courses training more than 200 teachers in Rio de Janeiro City and State. As a result, many films will be produced with technical and artistic support of our team.

We will be soon posting more details about all this!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stephen Hillenburg at Anima Mundi

One of the most anticipated meetings in this year's festival was the Animated Chat with Stephen Hillenburg, held at the Animated Square in the penultimate day of the festival in Rio. The inspired creator of SpongeBob shared with the audience a little of the trajectory of one of the most successful animated series of all time. And apparently the source could not be different: it all started in the sea.

Graduated in marine biology in the 80s, Stephen has created an educational comic book called The Intertidal Zone, where life in the oceans was presented by... a sea-sponge! Later, he joined CalArts, where he completed master's degree in experimental animation in 1992, and directed two short films which run festivals around the world: the political satire The Green Beret and the abstract Wormholes, with insights inspired by Albert Einstein's the theory of relativity.

Stephen presenting his Wormholes

His early work has served as an entrance to work at Nickelodeon, where he joined the production crew of Rocco's Modern Life. It was there that his colleague Martin Olson discovered Hillenburgs's and suggested the biologist and animator to create a series of marine animals. The result is a blockbuster that won Emmys and Annies in several seasons in the last 10 years.

Whenever asked about what is autobiographical in character SpongeBob SquarePants, Stephen, although denying any conscious intention, revealed: he showed a picture of a child and put it side by side with his famous creation.

About his direct influences, the animator recalled adult characters with child personality such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy. According Hillenburg, the dynamics between Laurel and Hardy is a pillar of this kind of humor.

At the end of the screenings, Hillenburg also answered some questions from the audience, mostly made by small fans of the series. And he could not avoid one of the most insidious: what is the secret recipe of Crab Burger. And the animator ran way: "I don't not know , it's is a secret even to me. But nice try!"

Anima Mundi Web & Cel: the winners

The winners of the Web & Cel contest were were also announced São Paulo, check it out:

Popular Jury

DINGBATS - Henrique Kopke - Brazil. Watch here

Professional Jury Award

COLORFUL EU) - Peter Vadocz - Hungary. Watch here

18th anniversary Award

There's Bliss in the Kiss - Melanie Beisswenger - Germany; Singapure - Watch here

Anima Mundi 2010: São Paulo awards

Check out the films chosen by the public in São Paulo:


1. DER KLEINE UND DAS BIEST - Johannes Weiland; Uwe Heidschötter - Germany
2. LA DAMA Y LA MUERTE - Javier Recio Gracia - Spain
3. LOGORAMA - François Alaux; Hervé de Crécy; Ludovic Houplain - France


1. IMAGINE UMA MENINA COM CABELOS DE BRASIL... - Alexandre Bersot - Brazil
2. POMBINHA BRANCA - Fernando Augusto Dias da Silva - Brazil
3. EU QUERIA SER UM MONSTRO - Marão - Brazil


1. MARY E MAX - UMA AMIZADE DIFERENTE - Adam Elliot - Australia
2. BOOGIE EL ACEITOSO - Gustavo Cova - Argentina
3. THE APPLE & THE WORM - Anders Morgenthaler - Denmark


1. DER PRAEZISE PETER - Martin Schmidt - Germany
2. MOBILE - Verena Fels - Germany
3. FORMIC - Roman Kaelin; Florian Wittmann - Germany


1. O GRÚFALO (THE GRUFFALO) - Jakob Schuh; Max Lang - UK
2. SIM, VIRGINIA (YES, VIRGINIA) - Pete Circuitt; Bitstate - USA
3. POMBINHA BRANCA - Fernando Augusto Dias da Silva - Brazil


MADAGASCAR, CARNET DE VOYAGE - Bastien Dubois - France


POMBINHA BRANCA - Fernando Augusto Dias da Silva - Brazil

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sao Paulo Awards and more...

Ufff...! One more edition is over, everything was a total sucess, a new record in the audience attendance (114 thousand people!)!
Now our team is happy and exhausted, but you can know who were the winners in Rio and Sao Paulo by clicking here.
We'll be back soon with more retrospective posts about this unforgettable Anima Mundi 18 years edition!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Anima Mundi 2010: Rio de Janeiro Awards

The awarding of Anima Mundi 2010 best films happened this Sunday, July 25, with the prizes from the popular and professional jury closing the Rio de Janeiro's phase of the festival.
And one of the most exciting was the announcement of the winner of the best Brazilian short: Marão's I wanted to be a monster. Here's the entire team receiving the trophy:

Once again, the directors took the opportunity to thank the participation of all, and spread some good news: the public this year in Rio was a record: about 70 000 spectators came to see the festival, 30% more than the 2009 edition - another good reason to celebrate these 18 years of Anima Mundi!

Check here the list of winners::

Juri Popular Rio de Janeiro


1 - LA DAMA Y LA MUERTE - Javier Recio Gracia - Spain
2 - DER KLEINE UND DAS BIEST - Johannes Weiland; Uwe Heidschötter - Germany
3 - LOGORAMA - François Alaux; Hervé de Crécy; Ludovic Houplain - France


1. MARY E MAX - Adam Elliot - Australia
2. BOOGIE EL ACEITOSO - Gustavo Cova - Argentina
3. THE APPLE & THE WORM - Anders Morgenthaler - Denmark


1. EU QUERIA SER UM MONSTRO - Marão - Brazil
2. IMAGINE UMA MENINA COM CABELOS DE BRASIL... - Alexandre Bersot - Brazil
3. POMBINHA BRANCA - Fernando Augusto Dias da Silva - Brazil


  • 1 - MOBILE - Verena Fels - Germany
  • 2 - DER PRAEZISE PETER - Martin Schmidt - Germany
  • 3 - POMBINHA BRANCA - Fernando Augusto Dias da Silva - Brazil


  • 1 - YES, VIRGINIA - Pete Circuitt; Bitstate - USA
  • 2 - EU QUERIA SER UM MONSTRO - Marão - Brazil
  • 3 - THE GRUFFALO - Jakob Schuh; Max Lang - United Kingdom


    IMAGINE UMA MENINA COM CABELOS DE BRASIL... - Alexandre Bersot - Brazil


    Best Animation - VIDEOGIOCO A LOOP EXPERIMENT - Donato Sansone - Italy

    Best Script - DER KLEINE UND DAS BIEST - Johannes Weiland e Uwe Heidschötter - Germany

    Best Soundtrack - THE LOST THING - Andrew Ruhemann e Shaun Tan - Australia, United Kingdom

    Best Art Direction - MADAGASCAR, CARNET DE VOYAGE - Bastien Dubois - France

    Best Commissioned Film - XIXI NO BANHO - Fernando Sanches - Brazil

    And the vote of the popular jury for the Web & Cel 2010 contest will continue until next Saturday. The result will be announced at the awards ceremony in Sao Paulo, on August 1. And now, the festival is packing for São Paulo!

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Horror Panorama

    Les Bessones del Carrer de Ponent (2010), Marc Riba & Anna Solanas

    The International Panorama program aims to bring the Anima Mundi audience the most interesting animations made recently in the world. Within this proposal, we created a special selection with the horror theme. Divided into two programs, Horror Panorama offers the animated thrills from different countries like Spain, Belgium, South Korea, France and UK.

    In Horror Panorama 1, the audience will see the Joris Leopold's Blue Awaking, where a singer loses control of his voice when the devil himself take over the band's drum sticks. For Horror Panorama 2, those who are a fan of George Romero's zombie movies will surely enjoy House Guest, the story of a duck who has just died and returned to life planning an unusual revenge against the hunter who killed him.

    Ben Mitchel's House Guest(2010)

    Check out the Horror Panorama schedule:

    Panorama Terror 1: Teatro II CCBB 16/07-20:00; 18/07-12:30 Cinema 2 CCBB RJ 17/07-16:30; 25/07-18:30 Fund. Memorial da América Latina - Sala 3; 29/07-13:30; 01/08-21:30;Auditório CCBB SP 30/07-19:30

    Praça Animada 18/07-21:00 Unibanco Arteplex Botafogo 21/07-22:00; Cinema 1 CCBB RJ22/07-17:30; 25/07-19:30; Cinema Odeon BR 23/07-20:00

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    The Apple and the Worm

    There's something new in the state of Denmark: The Apple & the Worm is one of the attractions today in the Anima Mundi. It's an animation feature film drawn completely in tablets and then finished with the software TVP Animation. The film tells the story of Torben, who, like any other apple, is anxious, cynical and afraid to get sick. His greatest ambition in life is to be the most perfect apple from the supermarket. But an unexpected problem - the kind os problem that comes from inside a fruit - may hinder their plans.

    Watch the trailer here (and improve your Danish!)
    Those who do not speak the language can rest easy, the copy at exibibition in the Anima Mundi is subtitled in portuguese :)

    Mary & Max

    For those who stay late at CCBB and Casa França Brasil for the screenings and workshops, here's the good one: at 21:00, there's a screening of Mary & Max in the Animated Square. Written and directed by Adam Eliott, Mary and Max is done entirely in stop-motion, and tells the story of a lonely girl from the suburbs of Melbourne who starts a long-distance relationship with Max Horovitz, a heavyset man who lives in the chaos of New York with Asperger Syndrome, and dreams of "living on the moon, to avoid contact with people." Without losing the humorous tone, from the friendship relationship between the two, the film deals with serious topics such as autism, alcoholism, obesity, kleptomania trust, religious differences and even "where the babies come from ".

    The film features the voices of Bethany Whitmore in the role of Mary as a girl, Toni Collette in the adulthood, and Philip Seymour Hoffman's portrayal of Max. Director Adam Eliott already won a prize in Anima Mundi's 2004 edition, for his short film Harvie Krumpet.

    Pixilation and Graffiti at Oi Futuro

    The Anima Mundi workshop Pixilation gained an ally at Oi Futuro, in Flamengo: the graffiti. Graffiti artist and animator Meton Joffily is finalizing today a background on which the public can interact with Pixilation animated scenes and stickers that will be bonded to the graphite (Mamemu, the Meton's crew, is calling it 'Sticker Animation'). There will be a demonstration for this technique to the public, followed by animation with Anima Mundi's crew. Always from 12:00 to 18:00. Take a look at the first drawings:

    That's the way the graffiti scene was at the end of Friday 16th, but the workshop just opened!

    Anima Mundi 2010: the opening session

    It's about time! We can say that last Friday the Anima Mundi came of age, celebrating his 18 years through all the program (you can check it here). But last Monday, directors, sponsors, and some guests of the festival could already watch at the Animated Square a little of what comes ahead in an opening session. Conducted once again by actor and director Fernando Caruso, who already has a history with the festival, the session gave a brief overview of the Anima Mundi has to offer among the special exhibitions and competitive program.

    Aida Queiroz, Marcos Magalhaes, Cesar Coelho, Léa Zagury, directors of Anima Mundi, gave their messages before the session begun. Aida presented some statistics that show how the animation industry in Brazil has grown along with the festival. A recent survey revealed that in the period between 1910 and 1992 about 171 animated films were produced in Brazil, including features and shorts. Since 1993, the year of the first Anima Mundi, and until this year, the festival received entries from more than 2600 animations, a concrete evidence of the strength of the festival by the Brazilian industry of animation. "As animators we are, is a great emotion," she added.

    Cesar Coelho took the opportunity to remember the beginning of the festival: in 1993, only two rooms were used at the CCBB for the first edition of the event - that crowded. The following year, the Cultural Center of Correios gave its partnership. From the third year, the public could see the largest sessions in the first version of the Animated Square. And the rest is history. Marcos Magalhaes didin't forget to celebrate the anniversary, and wished that everyone can feel as if had 18 years in this issue, and Lea Zaguri thanked the fundamental presence at the festival: the animators.

    Marcos Magalhães, Léa Zagury, Cesar Coelho e Aida Queiroz, the Anima Mundi directors

    Among the films, the audience watched the Brazilian Anjos do meio da praça, derected by Ale Camargo e Camila Carrossine, an impressive work of 3D computer animation; Der Da Vinci Timecode, from Gil Alkabetz, where the image of one of the most famous paintings in the world is fragmented to form movements secret and unusual; the institutional Rise Above Plastics, from the Surfrider Foundation and the exhilarating Runaway, from Canadian Cordell Baker, one of our guests this year. All of them, of course, can be found here. Schedule up!


    Alê Camargo and Camila Carrossine's Anjos do meio da praça

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Feature Film: Boogie, el aceitoso

    In this edition, Anima Mundi presents in its feature program the 2D animation Boogie, el aceitoso, the first Argentine film to use stereoscopic 3D technology, adapted from a comic book created by Argentine cartoonist Robert 'el negro' Fontanarossa. Boogie, el aceitoso is the second meeting of the Brazilian public with the unmistakable trace of Fontanarossa: in 2009, Anima Mundi screened the animated feature Martin Fierro, adaptation of the Argentine classic epic poem in which Fontanarossa collaborated in script and character design.

    Boogie, a violent mercenary and ruthless killer, began to be published in Colombia's El Tiempo in the 1970s and later in Mexican newspaper Proceso. The character was also present in several Argentine publications, such as Mood and La Maga. Twelve 12 albums were released by Argentina's Boogie Ediciones de la Flor, who also publishes some of Argentina's finest, such as Quino and Liniers. Boogie had editions in Italy, Colombia and Brazil, where it was published by L&PM as Boogie, o seboso.

    Roberto Fontanarrosa became internationally known for his work on cartoons and comics. His other famous characters include the gaucho Pereyra Mendieta and his dog Mendieta. Fontanarossa died on July 19, 2007, at age 62.

    Marcelus Gaio

    Watch the official trailer here:


    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Special Showcase: International Schools

    Aiming to promote the animation industry in Brazil, Anima Forum invites all kinds of market professionals for lectures and discussions during four days at Anima Mundi. This year, besides the Masterclasses, we'll have members of three international schools of animation as special guests: Eric Riewe, from Gobelins, in France, Maureen Furniss, of CalArts (USA), and Marlene Nascimento, from the Image and Sound Course at the University of Buenos Aires. As a complement of their visit and the debate, the festival will present showcases of graduation films by former students of these schools.

    Retour à la page d'accueil Gobelins

    Gobelins' animation department, l'école de l'image, was founded 30 years ago, and prepare artists for the growing need of the French animation industry in the 1970s. Today, students from Gobelins are present not only in animation studios all over France, but also in major international labels, such as Dreamworks, Sony, Disney, Pixar and many others, and they are recognized for their technical excellence and creative for its high professional level.

    The Gobelins program in Anima Mundi presents short films made by its students during the last two decades. The first of them is the
    segment that serves as an introduction in all official sessions of the International Festival of Animated Film in Annecy, France. In the sequence, the short films made for the final projects of the course, made in 2D or 3D. Three of these films include a making of the production process.

    Anima Facta Est (2007), animação coletiva da escola Gobelins

    Henry Sellick (Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas), Brenda Chapman (Prince of Egypt) and Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall.E) are among the "notable students" from The California Institute of the Arts. Since 1961, the Calarts maintains its tradition of promoting a unique and privileged environment for students from all areas of art live together closely, in full collaboration.

    Part of the former students attended the Department of Experimental Animation (Experimental Animation), created by Jules Engels. This department focuses on the practice and principles of visual arts, including animation as an art form dynamic and constantly evolving. Other former students, now influential in the animation industry today, formed by the Department of Character Animation (Character Animation) created in 1975, in which the main focus is training in classical animation connected to a deep understanding of the art of acting, also applied to modern techniques like computer graphics.

    The "Calarts... and its Distinguished Alumni" Showcase will be divided into two sessions at the Anima Mundi, alternating between the two visions of the course, reflecting the coexistence of stimulating experimentation and application of the art of animation, as in day-to-day school campus in Valencia.

    Wormholes (1992), from Stephen Hillenburg, the brilliant creator of SpongeBob,


    Within the course of Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, the discipline Audiovisual Design 3 - Animation is offered to the students, and it deals with basic concepts of animation and its various techniques. The training includes the management of production and resource management in order to develop films and the possible absorption by the market, in private and public sectors. As the final course, students perform a short film individually or in groups, with free choice of technique and theme proposed by the Chair.

    The current professor of animation course, our guest Marlene Nascimento, made a selection with some examples of work developed by students for the third special session of the schools in the Anima Mundi.

    Our guest Marlene Nascimento, the current professor of the animation course, made a selection with some examples of their works for the third special session of the schools in the Anima Mundi.

    Florencia Blanc's Un Pequeño Vagabundo (2008),
    one of the short films from the UBA program

    Check here the locations and schedules of special exhibitions of the schools of animation:

    Gobelins: Rio de Janeiro - Sat 17 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 18h30 / Sun 18 - Oi Futuro Ipanema - 15h30 /

    Mon 19 - Arteplex - 14h / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 17h30 / Sun 25 - Odeon BR - 18h30 São Paulo - Sat 31 - Memorial Video - 15h / Sun 01 - Memorial 2 - 19h

    Program 1

    Rio de Janeiro - Fri 16 - Oi Futuro Flamengo - 13h30 / Sat 17 - Teatro II - 14h / Sun 18 - Cinema 1 CCBB - 19h30 / Fri 23 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 16h30 / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 12h30 / Sun 25 - Odeon BR - 15h30 São Paulo - Wed 28 - Memorial Video - 18h / Sun 01 - Memorial Video - 15h

    Sessão 2 Rio de Janeiro - Sat 17 - Oi Futuro Ipanema - 13h30 / Tue 20 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 18h30 / Fri 23 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 18h30 / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 14h / Sun 25 - Odeon BR - 17h São Paulo - Wed 28 - Memorial Video - 16h30 / Sun 01 - Memorial Video - 16h30

    UBA: Rio de Janeiro - Sat 17 - Teatro II - 10h30 / Sun 18 - Oi Futuro Ipanema - 13h30 / Wed 21 - Arteplex - 14h / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 15h30 / Sun 25 - Teatro II - 14h
    São Paulo - Wed 28 - Memorial Video - 13h30 / Sun 01 - Memorial Video - 18h