Monday, July 19, 2010

Horror Panorama

Les Bessones del Carrer de Ponent (2010), Marc Riba & Anna Solanas

The International Panorama program aims to bring the Anima Mundi audience the most interesting animations made recently in the world. Within this proposal, we created a special selection with the horror theme. Divided into two programs, Horror Panorama offers the animated thrills from different countries like Spain, Belgium, South Korea, France and UK.

In Horror Panorama 1, the audience will see the Joris Leopold's Blue Awaking, where a singer loses control of his voice when the devil himself take over the band's drum sticks. For Horror Panorama 2, those who are a fan of George Romero's zombie movies will surely enjoy House Guest, the story of a duck who has just died and returned to life planning an unusual revenge against the hunter who killed him.

Ben Mitchel's House Guest(2010)

Check out the Horror Panorama schedule:

Panorama Terror 1: Teatro II CCBB 16/07-20:00; 18/07-12:30 Cinema 2 CCBB RJ 17/07-16:30; 25/07-18:30 Fund. Memorial da América Latina - Sala 3; 29/07-13:30; 01/08-21:30;Auditório CCBB SP 30/07-19:30

Praça Animada 18/07-21:00 Unibanco Arteplex Botafogo 21/07-22:00; Cinema 1 CCBB RJ22/07-17:30; 25/07-19:30; Cinema Odeon BR 23/07-20:00

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