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Special Showcase: International Schools

Aiming to promote the animation industry in Brazil, Anima Forum invites all kinds of market professionals for lectures and discussions during four days at Anima Mundi. This year, besides the Masterclasses, we'll have members of three international schools of animation as special guests: Eric Riewe, from Gobelins, in France, Maureen Furniss, of CalArts (USA), and Marlene Nascimento, from the Image and Sound Course at the University of Buenos Aires. As a complement of their visit and the debate, the festival will present showcases of graduation films by former students of these schools.

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Gobelins' animation department, l'école de l'image, was founded 30 years ago, and prepare artists for the growing need of the French animation industry in the 1970s. Today, students from Gobelins are present not only in animation studios all over France, but also in major international labels, such as Dreamworks, Sony, Disney, Pixar and many others, and they are recognized for their technical excellence and creative for its high professional level.

The Gobelins program in Anima Mundi presents short films made by its students during the last two decades. The first of them is the
segment that serves as an introduction in all official sessions of the International Festival of Animated Film in Annecy, France. In the sequence, the short films made for the final projects of the course, made in 2D or 3D. Three of these films include a making of the production process.

Anima Facta Est (2007), animação coletiva da escola Gobelins

Henry Sellick (Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas), Brenda Chapman (Prince of Egypt) and Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall.E) are among the "notable students" from The California Institute of the Arts. Since 1961, the Calarts maintains its tradition of promoting a unique and privileged environment for students from all areas of art live together closely, in full collaboration.

Part of the former students attended the Department of Experimental Animation (Experimental Animation), created by Jules Engels. This department focuses on the practice and principles of visual arts, including animation as an art form dynamic and constantly evolving. Other former students, now influential in the animation industry today, formed by the Department of Character Animation (Character Animation) created in 1975, in which the main focus is training in classical animation connected to a deep understanding of the art of acting, also applied to modern techniques like computer graphics.

The "Calarts... and its Distinguished Alumni" Showcase will be divided into two sessions at the Anima Mundi, alternating between the two visions of the course, reflecting the coexistence of stimulating experimentation and application of the art of animation, as in day-to-day school campus in Valencia.

Wormholes (1992), from Stephen Hillenburg, the brilliant creator of SpongeBob,


Within the course of Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, the discipline Audiovisual Design 3 - Animation is offered to the students, and it deals with basic concepts of animation and its various techniques. The training includes the management of production and resource management in order to develop films and the possible absorption by the market, in private and public sectors. As the final course, students perform a short film individually or in groups, with free choice of technique and theme proposed by the Chair.

The current professor of animation course, our guest Marlene Nascimento, made a selection with some examples of work developed by students for the third special session of the schools in the Anima Mundi.

Our guest Marlene Nascimento, the current professor of the animation course, made a selection with some examples of their works for the third special session of the schools in the Anima Mundi.

Florencia Blanc's Un Pequeño Vagabundo (2008),
one of the short films from the UBA program

Check here the locations and schedules of special exhibitions of the schools of animation:

Gobelins: Rio de Janeiro - Sat 17 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 18h30 / Sun 18 - Oi Futuro Ipanema - 15h30 /

Mon 19 - Arteplex - 14h / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 17h30 / Sun 25 - Odeon BR - 18h30 São Paulo - Sat 31 - Memorial Video - 15h / Sun 01 - Memorial 2 - 19h

Program 1

Rio de Janeiro - Fri 16 - Oi Futuro Flamengo - 13h30 / Sat 17 - Teatro II - 14h / Sun 18 - Cinema 1 CCBB - 19h30 / Fri 23 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 16h30 / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 12h30 / Sun 25 - Odeon BR - 15h30 São Paulo - Wed 28 - Memorial Video - 18h / Sun 01 - Memorial Video - 15h

Sessão 2 Rio de Janeiro - Sat 17 - Oi Futuro Ipanema - 13h30 / Tue 20 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 18h30 / Fri 23 - Cinema 2 CCBB - 18h30 / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 14h / Sun 25 - Odeon BR - 17h São Paulo - Wed 28 - Memorial Video - 16h30 / Sun 01 - Memorial Video - 16h30

UBA: Rio de Janeiro - Sat 17 - Teatro II - 10h30 / Sun 18 - Oi Futuro Ipanema - 13h30 / Wed 21 - Arteplex - 14h / Sat 24 - Teatro II - 15h30 / Sun 25 - Teatro II - 14h
São Paulo - Wed 28 - Memorial Video - 13h30 / Sun 01 - Memorial Video - 18h

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