Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feature Film: Boogie, el aceitoso

In this edition, Anima Mundi presents in its feature program the 2D animation Boogie, el aceitoso, the first Argentine film to use stereoscopic 3D technology, adapted from a comic book created by Argentine cartoonist Robert 'el negro' Fontanarossa. Boogie, el aceitoso is the second meeting of the Brazilian public with the unmistakable trace of Fontanarossa: in 2009, Anima Mundi screened the animated feature Martin Fierro, adaptation of the Argentine classic epic poem in which Fontanarossa collaborated in script and character design.

Boogie, a violent mercenary and ruthless killer, began to be published in Colombia's El Tiempo in the 1970s and later in Mexican newspaper Proceso. The character was also present in several Argentine publications, such as Mood and La Maga. Twelve 12 albums were released by Argentina's Boogie Ediciones de la Flor, who also publishes some of Argentina's finest, such as Quino and Liniers. Boogie had editions in Italy, Colombia and Brazil, where it was published by L&PM as Boogie, o seboso.

Roberto Fontanarrosa became internationally known for his work on cartoons and comics. His other famous characters include the gaucho Pereyra Mendieta and his dog Mendieta. Fontanarossa died on July 19, 2007, at age 62.

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