Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mary & Max

For those who stay late at CCBB and Casa França Brasil for the screenings and workshops, here's the good one: at 21:00, there's a screening of Mary & Max in the Animated Square. Written and directed by Adam Eliott, Mary and Max is done entirely in stop-motion, and tells the story of a lonely girl from the suburbs of Melbourne who starts a long-distance relationship with Max Horovitz, a heavyset man who lives in the chaos of New York with Asperger Syndrome, and dreams of "living on the moon, to avoid contact with people." Without losing the humorous tone, from the friendship relationship between the two, the film deals with serious topics such as autism, alcoholism, obesity, kleptomania trust, religious differences and even "where the babies come from ".

The film features the voices of Bethany Whitmore in the role of Mary as a girl, Toni Collette in the adulthood, and Philip Seymour Hoffman's portrayal of Max. Director Adam Eliott already won a prize in Anima Mundi's 2004 edition, for his short film Harvie Krumpet.

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