Friday, January 29, 2010

Anima Mundi 18 years

What have you done (or what you'll do) at the age of 18? Took your driver's license? Got into college? Apart from the usual changes, the 18th anniversary comes along with many rites of passage, and some of them only each one of us can tell. And the same goes for a festival. In 2010, the Anima Mundi turns 18 and wants to give a big party. And one of the news in this year's edition is that everyone can participate of the program!

Anima Mundi 18 years

Help us choose the 18 best films of the 18 years of Anima Mundi!

Login to our website personal area, find the special form and send us your message with up to three of your favorite films you want to watch again in 2010. If possible, send us the complete information with Title, Author and Country of each film. But if you don’t remember everything, no problem: just send us the best description you can make of the film, and we will find a way to identify your choice.

Please send us your vote before March 23rd. Among the participants, 18 will be awarded with special invitations to the festival, including, of course, tickets to the 18 Years Screening!

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Júlio said...

Para quem fala Português:
O que você fez (ou o que você vai fazer) na idade de 18 anos? Teve sua carteira de motorista? Entrou na faculdade? Para além das mudanças de costume, o aniversário de 18 vem junto com muitos ritos de passagem, e alguns deles só cada um de nós pode dizer. E o mesmo vale para um festival. Em 2010, o Anima Mundi faz 18 anos e quer dar uma grande festa. E uma das novidades na edição deste ano é que todos possam participar do programa!
(cortesia de ;)