Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And the "European Oscar" goes to...

The end of the year comes, and with it the awards for the best films of 2009. Last december 12 it was time for the prestigious European Film Awards, that took place in German. And the winner in the Animation Category of the year was ... Mia et le Migou, by Jacques-Rémy Girerd!

Mia was competing with other 17 finalists, and the jury was composed of more than 2,000 professionals of all Europe. Not just anything, isn't it? According to Jacques-Rémy, via email, the ceremony was "touching, funny and great". And he added: "Rio gave the signal ! Merci"
That's it, in Anima Mundi 2009 in Rio the film got its very first award! Mia et le Migou was elected the Best Feature Animation by the public vote both in Rio as in São Paulo!

In the official website of Drôme department, you wil be able to watch a revealing photografic essay on how the Mia et le Migou was made - pratically a handmade animation.

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