Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Rules for ANIMA MUNDI WEB & CEL!

New Category! Films on any Theme will also be accepted, in the category "General Theme"!
Thanks to convincing requests, we have just made some changes in the Rules of the ANIMA MUNDI WEB & CEL 2010 Contest.

The theme proposed by the Contest this year will keep being "18 Years", for the category with this same name.
The inspiration for this theme comes, of course, of the 18th Edition that Anima Mundi Festival will celebrate this year. But we are not expecting films about our festival! The idea is to illustrate through the animation language the sensations one may experiment at 18 years old: i.e. freedom, responsibility, youth, action, emotion, boldness, initiative, etc, etc, etc!

We believe this theme is wide enough and applies well both to abstract and narrative works.
The animations selected by the Contest selection committee for the "18 Years" category will compete to 3 Prizes: The Traditional Public and Professional Prizes, and the Special Extra "18 Years" Prize, also awarded by the Public Jury.
That means films in the "18 Years" category can win 3 Prizes!

But anyway the Contest will keep also open to works in any theme, in the category "General Theme". Animations in this category will not be eligible, of course, to the "18 Years" Prize. But they can win both the Public and Professional Awards!

Each of the 3 Awards consist in a 2 thousand reais cash prize and an Anima Mundi Trophee.

Oh, there's something else yet: deadline is extended up to June 14th!
Prepare your animations. Each entrant can send up to 3 works.
(Already existent works can be submitted too).
Please find the new rules

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