Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alê Abreu in Anima Mundi 18 Years

Only 20 days left to Anima Mundi 2010! Just for warming up, we will start revealing some details from this 18 year edition of the festival. Starting with the visual identity that can be already be seen here on the blog and on our website, the art is authored by illustrator and animator Ale Abreu, who has been present in Anima Mundi since the very beginning of the festival.

Ale began studying animation at age 14, and in 1993 released his first short film, Sirius. In 1994, he started working in his second work, Espantalho (Scarecrow), an animation film that gained, among 12 other awards, the best Brazilian film award in Anima Mundi 1998. Garoto Cósmico (Cosmic Boy), his first feature, was one of the highlights of the Anima Mundi 2007, where Alê also had a retrospective and participated in Papo Animado (Animated Chat). In 2008, he participated with the short feature Passo (Step), and his new work, Vivi Viravento, (one of the 17 Tv series pilotes of the AnimaTV program), is on our program this year.

Cósmico, Luna e Maninho, characters fom
Alê Abreu's Garoto Cósmico, featured in Anima Mundi 2007

About the illustration done for the Anima Mundi 2010, Ale said: "In order to create the imagery for the 18 years of Anima Mundi, I tried to represent the intense desire for liberty and dreams, common to all young people. Anima Mundi is this little colorful planet, where there is a great vibration, a meeting point for wondering beings in a rich and vast universe of styles, techniques and languages. In 2010, Anima Mundi celebrates its 18 years of existence, and I begin a new cycle in my journey."

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