Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anima Mundi Web and Cell: choose your favorite!

Anima Mundi has always been ahead of its time. Even before digital revolution spread itself in Brazil, the festival was already trying to promote the expansion of animation towards several different platforms. That is why, besides the film competition, two other contests were created. Anima Mundi Web focused in animations specially design for internet and the other one, Anima Mundi Cell, for cell phones. The point was to encourage the animators to learn how to deal with the new media technologies, letting then not only prepared, but also guarantying the possibilities of animation within every kind of platform.

Nowadays, the need of learning this kind of skills is even stronger. In one of Anima Forum’s lectures, Exporting Animation, Kevin Geiger, president of Magic Dumpling Entertainment, pointed out an important issue for those who wants to transform animation into a lucrative business: adapt to the revolution in distribution. Kevin believes that copying the mainstream American model is copying something that is dying. The advice is to be transmedia, create interactive contents and develop alternative forms of advertisement and marketing.

Following the modern tendencies of convergence, the competitions were put together, creating Anima Mundi Web & Cell. The videos are judged by the professional and the popular juries. You can check all the works that were sent here and choose the one you like the most!

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