Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A window to the rest of the world

This year’s edition of Anima Mundi is more international than we usually see. Besides the movies that came from all over the world, we had two specials shows from oversees. One of then is the Session Chilemonos. Every kind of animation in Chile is known as “mono”. In the last ten years, Chile’s animation industry has grown severely, with the production of tv series, short and feature films. Chilemonos is a project developed by the group Spondylus Producciones. Their main concern is to make sure the world knows Chile’s animation contents. There are six short films being exhibit in Anima Mundi, which were never displayed in Latin America before. They were first seen abroad by the Europeans in the 2011’s Anima Festival, which took place in Brussels. The “monos” surprised by the great variety of genres and techniques that were explored in the movies. The films embodied modern tendencies of animation mixing then with traditional elements inspired by American indigenous culture.

France is also well-represented in Anima Mundi this year. Two feature films were made available by the French Embassy in Brazil. Chronopolis were produced in 1980 and mixes objects animation with the still undeveloped 2D technology. The film tells the story of Chronopolis, a city lost in time, where the citizens lived immerse in their own immortality. The film was directed by Piotr Kamler and took more than five years to be finished. Purely visual and full of attempts to break the formal temporal logic, the film echoes in the cinematography the central point of the screenplay. Anima Mundi is also displaying the film La Planète Sauvage produced in 1973 and exhibited in Brazil in the end of this same decade. The movie, directed by René Laloux, portrays the story of a planet where human beings are brutally infantilized and oppressed.

Anima Mundi Festival in one of the most important windows for the Brazilian animators not only to check everything that has been create all around the world, but also to show all the great stuff that are being produced here. This international exchange is one of the richest things about the work we develop. If you have any doubts or whishes to see your country represented in our festival please do not hesitate to contact us.

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