Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anima TV on air!

This Sunday (April 17), Trunk Train and Duck-ticks and Catapults, both carried out by AnimaTV program, will debut on TV Cultura and TV Brasil. This will be the first time ever that national television channels will air an animated series entirely created and produced in Brazil.

Anima Mundi closely followed the progress of this important project for the deployment of Brazilian animated series on national open television. Those who have attended the panel "Anima TV - an assessment" in Anima Forum 2010 may have heard producer Marta Machado, president of ABCA (Brazilian Association of Animated Cinema), recalling that AnimaTV project started to be planned in the 2008 Anima Forum. The director of Trunk Train, Zé Brandão, said the seed of the series was born when he was attending a masterclass of Anima Mundi.

Among the positive points raised by the participants of the discussion in Anima Forum, the stimulus to formation is one of the most important. Cristiana Oliveira, executive coordinator of AnimaTV, highlighted the great opportunity offered through workshops on the methodology of producing an animated series.

But today we really want to congratulate the producers of the debutting series, Copa Studio and Zoom Elefante. We wish success and continuity for this season and for the next ones!

Visit the blogs of Trunk Train ( and Duck-ticks and Catapults (

AnimaTV, First Program for Production and TV Broadcast of Brazilian Series, is a realization of the Audiovisual Secretary - SAV and the Department of Cultural Policy - SPC, the Ministry of Culture - MINC, Brazil Communications Company – TV Brasil, Padre Anchieta Founding - TV Cultura, the Brazilian Association of Educational and Cultural Public Broadcasters - ABEPEC, with the support of the Brazilian Association of Animation Film - ABCA.

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