Friday, April 15, 2011

Priit Pärn art at Anima Mundi 2011

The art of this year’s festival, created exclusively by Priit Pärn, the most famous cartoonist and animator from Estonia, is already at the Anima Mundi site ( )!

Pärn is an international animation celebrity and was our guest in 2009 for the Animated Chat!

Priit Pärn has been present with his work in Anima Mundi since 1999, when an Estonian Retrospective featured three of his movies: Kolmnurk (1982), 1895 (co-directed with Janno Põldma, 1995) and Night of the Carrots (1998). In 2006, Frank ja Wendy, Hungerburg (2004), co-directed with Priit Tender, Ülo Pikkov and Kaspar Jancis, was screened at the Short Film Competition, as well as Tuukrid Vihmas (2009), co-directed with his wife Olga Pärn, in our 2010 edition.

In 2009 Anima Mundi had the honor to receive Priit and Olga Pärn in person for the Animated Chat, with a retrospective session that exhibited 1985, Remix (2000), Oiva (2001), Karl and Marilyn (2003) and Ma Kukla Tunnen Eluaegset Kuula... (2007, co-directed with Olga Pärn).

Pärn has also been an Animation Professor for 18 years, art director of the Department of Animation Art Academy of Turku in Finland and art director and animation school Joonisfilm of Tallinnfilm Studio.

As the recent Priit Pärn films, the illustration for Anima Mundi was also made in collaboration with his wife Olga. We have asked the artist to portrait his impressions of our festival and Brazil, so different and distant from Estonia… The result brings us the same irony and irreverence that characterize his animations. Thanks, Priit and Olga!

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