Friday, April 8, 2011

"Rio", by Carlos Saldanha

"Rio" debuts in Brazil as the animation feature most expected ever by Brazilians. Everybody here is curious to watch the adventures of Blu, a male macaw supposed to date the last female of his species, traveling through the postcard sceneries of our wonderful city.

Carlos Saldanha, director of the film, was born in Rio and is a longtime friend of Anima Mundi! Carlos attended the festival since he was a student in New York and spent his holidays in Brazil. After that, representing the studio Blue Sky, he presented a seminar on computer graphics in 1996 and another in 1997 called “Light. Camera & Action”. In 2000, Blue Sky won the Best Portfolio prize and in 2002, after directing "Ice Age", Carlos Saldanha came to participate in Animated Chat by telling the audience about his career as animation director.

Those who attend the festival for a long time will certainly keep with care a VHS copy of the "The Best of Anima Mundi Vol.1" anthology, featuring Saldanha's graduation short film, "Time For Love" (1994).

We look forward to receive Carlos Saldanha again in Anima Mundi 2011 to celebrate together the success of "Rio"!

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