Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Panorama and Portfolio!

Another session that cannot be lost is International Panorama! This category was created to be a wide open window through which the Brazilian animation fans could check what is being produced in the international circuit. The short movies came from almost thirty different countries and are not part of the festival’s competition. The show is extremely important to improve the cultural exchange between countries. Some of the artists are internationally renowned, but little people known then in Brazil. That is David O’Reilly’s case. His most recent film, The External World, is well recognized abroad. The short movie is remarkable for its sarcasm. The author produces an environment fulfilled with figures that are well know in the animation field. These symbols are visually easy recognized, but when you get a closer look you see they don’t feet the pattern. This loss of reference produces, in a first moment, an apparently disconnect narrative, until you get to see the deep reflection underneath. The film won the 67th Venice Film Festival.

This year the panel International Panorama had a special show that reunited only animated documentaries. All the movies have real themes portrayed in an animation form. The themes are varied: in Migrópolis the audience can take a deep look in the reality of kids that see themselves forced do migrate and in The Greek Crisis Explained you can have a very different economy lesson. It is a very good debate: can an animated image represent the “external world” better than a photographic record? Or can we assume that the animation is even more sincere if we think that this “external” does not really exists? Worth to check and to think!

For the ones that are trying to figure out how to make a living doing what they love the most, animation, of course, there is the session called Portfolio, with the best commissioned animations films in several formats: commercials, corporate videos, music videos, scenes for feature movies and a lot more! This category is judged only by the professional Jury. This year they choose the animated clip Lose This Child as best piece. The music video was built with the construction of figures in the sand, which move under the moon light. The band that plays the song is called Eatliz and the clip was direct by the Grammy winners Yuval and Merav Nathan. Good music and fascinating animation! Another great movie is Ode to a Post-it Note, a commercial for the company 3M’s most famous product. In the film, one solitary Post-it decides to look for his “father” and creator. The movie star is no one less than Arthur Fry, the man who invented the Post-it!

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