Monday, August 1, 2011

Special (and scary) short-movies shows!

This year we had sixteen short-movies shows in Anima Mundi. These films were competing in several awards categories . We had two specials: one with only terror movies and one we called Surreal Mundi. They were both scary, but in different ways!

The terror special came with eight frightening movies. The productions were brought from France, South Korea, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom, United States and Singapore. The styles and themes were varied, but some of then were great movies that showed that animation can function in a several variety of genres. Check a little bit!

The Backwater Gospel
An incredible portray of one of man most natural emotion: the fear of death. In the movie, Gospel and Death walk over the same shadow and when this darkness arrives to Backwater, the citizens watch their most deep instincts coming to the surface. The script conducts the spectator in a subtle and tense way. The design and art are simply amazing.

and Junk
In Hambuster, a man is attacked by his own lunch. A metaphor about modernity’s bad eating habits? Technically well done and a little bit disturbing. And it seems that food is really one of the biggest villains nowadays. The film Junk talks about the same theme, focusing on the obsession in junk food. Terror especially for those who want to loose weight!

When two dichotomous and diametrically opposed realities meet and mix, we enter into the Metachaos. Aesthetically rich, the film is fulfilled with futuristic and dark elements creating an intense visual impact.

Another incredible special session is Surreal Mundi, indicate for those who love the surrealistic classics. The audience can fell the absurd generate by the movies Taevalaul, from the Estonian director Mati Küti and Maska from the incredibles Brothers Kay.

Stephen and Timothy Quay, also known as Brothers Quay, are two highly renowned animators, whose specialty is stop motion. The identical twins live in England and work together since high school. They developed a fascinating work, which involves most objects animation. Their film is very strong in terms of image and installs a weirdness aesthetically achieved through the lights and shadows orientations. Deeply admired in Anima Mundi, this time the brothers bring the history of beautiful Duenna, whose duty to accomplish a mission forces her to make a difficult choice.

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