Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Animation in the classroom!

One of Anima Mundi’s biggest dreams is to see that the animation is foot by foot taking over the classrooms. That is why the special sessions Future Animator and Animation of Course are so important for the festival. They both represent different evidence of the animation presence and relevance in education, whether it is to form or train new teachers or through the insertion of this type of language in pedagogical initiatives for formal basic schools.

In the Future Animator panel, the short-movies were done by kids from all over the world, who are giving their first steps towards the animated world. We can see works from Argentina, Brazil and even Portugal. There are also films made by young adults who are starting now as well, such as the professors that join us in Anima Escola courses. It is really worth while to see this amazing work.

In the Animations of Course panels, we get in touch with projects developed in specialized animation schools (check a little about some of then here), the main symbol of the process that is leading towards a biggest expansion of the animated know-how. Some of those institutions offer the same technological tools that the big animation studios. When they did not exist, the production of films that were concerned about exploring new languages and techniques was practically restrain to independent animators. The rise of these new teaching spaces allows the production of high technique quality movies without being submit to commercial imperatives. A structural change like this one is central to guarantee the development of new languages and the experimentation of different themes. Some of the movies made in international animation school compete in the same categories as the films produced in big studios, not only in festivals but also in big awards, like the Oscar! Check how many great things have been done by these students!

In an orphanage in Ukraine, children are getting ready for mother's day, their mother being the Tchernobyl Power Plant.

Playing ghost
Five year old Amy and her Mum are divided in grief for Dad, occupying very separate worlds in their struggle to cope. But whilst Mum sinks into numb solitude, struggling to keep to routine, Amy seeks a more magical escape that ultimately has its own perils.

Condamné à Vie
Charles Bonnemort discovers his immortality after he attends to kill himself.

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